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Skin Scrubber Face Spatula, LCD Blackhead Remover Pore Cleaner, Facial Lifting Tool with USB Charger, Multi-function Comedones Extractor for Facial Deep Cleansing-Gold


  • Face Skin Scrubber: With high-frequency ultrasonic vibration, this skin spatula is perfect for daily skin care and deep cleansing, which is helpful in removing blackheads, comedones ,dead skin, oil and dirt from your face.
  • Four Modes with LCD Display: This ultrasonic facial skin scrubber has four adjustable modes with LCD display function-【Deep Clean】-Clean your face with high frequency vibration,【Ion+】-Helps to remove the blackheads, dead skin, oil and dirt ,【Ion-】-Help your face better absorb nutrition from skin care products,【EMS Pulse】-Help to reduce wrinkles or fine line, making your skin more tighten and bright.
  • Safe and Portable to use: This small and portable skin spatula is safe to use at home or during travel, just press and hold the power button for 3 secs to enter the deep clean mode directly, and you can switch to different mode easily with this operation(warm notice: please make your face moist with skin care products before using this face spatula)
  • Easy to Charge: With a USB charge cord in the package, it is convenient for you to charge your scrubber on computer, power bank or other USB equipments, no worry about the battery life.
  • Perfect Gifts for Beauty Lovers: This facial pore extractor is perfectly designed for women, girls and all the beauty loves, which is effective to make your face more tighten, bright and elastic.

Qukot Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Spatula - Upgraded Blue-Light Blackhead Remover Pore Cleaner Face Scraper Comedone Pimple Zit Extractor Facial Deep Cleaning Machine for Women Men


  • 28K HIGH-FREQUENCY VIBRATION - Qukot ultrasonic skin scrubbers are newly upgraded to 28K high-frequency ultrasonic waves, which is the peak value ever in the market to make sure the most effective deep facial cleansing
  • BLUE-LIGHT - Blue light penetrates the pores and activates chemicals inside these bacteria, which ruptures their outer walls, destroying the cell and their ability to form pimple and other imperfections. It can help with stabilizing skin oil levels, removing blackheads, sebums, etc
  • DEEP FACIAL CLEANSING - 28K high-frequency waves are able to thoroughly loose and remove dead skin cells, sebum, blackheads, comedones, and other grime (such as makeup) that is embedded in your facial skin. Additionally, by removing all the build-up, are better able to penetrate the skin, help to improve texture and tone, often leading to smoother, brighter skin overall
  • HELP INFUSE NUTRIENTS - Its infusion mode supports infuse serum and other skincare products deeply into the facial skin and gives better absorption results. Let your expensive serums or creams realize their full potential
  • SAFE & GENTLE - Comparing with a suction-vacuum method that can cause redness and dilate or break capillaries, Qukot ultrasonic skin Spatula is one of the most gentle forms of exfoliation on the market. They’re especially great for those who don’t respond well to other exfoliation methods, such as scrubs, brushes, or chemical peels.

TOUCHBeauty Professional Facial Scrubber Spatula Cordless Blackheads Remover Comedones Extractor Rechargeable Skin Scraper Device -Won Red Dot Winner 2021


  • More Professional Brand and manufacturer - Unique designed of TOUCHBeauty Wireless Ultrasonic Scrub Device won "Red Dot Winner 2021" and " GOOD DESIGN AWARD ", selected as a sponsored product of the Miss Model of the World 2018. TOUCHBeauty Brand with 22 years’ experience in developing professional Beauty & Personal Care Devices that exceed customers expectations with CE, KC, IEC, RoHS Report.
  • SAFE ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY - Professional Skin Scrubber Spatula works through "real" ultrasonic vibration up to 26000Hz efficiently cleanse by shattering impurities in the pores and then discharged without hurt, force clogged sebum and debris out of the pores clearing out blackheads. Extracting blackheads with hands can create large pores and skin inflammation; Nose sticky patches can cause injury to the skin; Abrasive exfoliating products tend to cause skin sensitivity or dependence.
  • DATA COMPARISON- TOUCHBeauty Ultrasonic Scrub Device has a frequency of 26000/second. Ultrasonic technology can effectively exfoliate the skin and remove blackheads improving facial health. However the speed of most normal skin scrubber device is just 300/times a minute, about 5 times per second.
  • HIGH VALUE & MODERN DESIGN - Touch operation, Wirelss charging base, Adjustable intensity levels, high-end silver color, streamline design, an art piece to have at-home. takes 4 hours to charge and it can be used for about 90minutes.
  • GREAT SERVICE FROM TOUCHBeauty BRAND- Gift Ideal facial spatula for everyone including women, men and those who combination, oily, sensitve and dry skin; help them get healthier and more radiant skin. 30day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and 12-MONTH WARRANTY, FREE to exchanged an new ultrasonic Facial Spatula within 365 days Warranty if any problem of quality.

Vanity Planet Essia Ultrasonic Lifting & Exfoliating Wand | Face Spatula with 3 Mode Operation, Exfoliates and Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles| Wireless Charging


  • ULTRASONIC SKIN CARE: Essia is an ultrasonic wand that uses a combination of high-frequency ultrasonic oscillation technology and electrical muscle stimulation, (EMS) to penetrate the skin by 3-5mm which helps in instantly lifting and firming skin, thereby getting rid of fine lines and clogged pores. CHARITY PARTNERSHIP: $1 dollar of every purchase is donated to Corazon De Vida Charity.
  • EXFOLIATES AND MOISTURIZES: Essia is designed with 3 operating modes, each specialized for a need to exfoliate, moisturize and lift. Exfoliate setting works to dislodge blackheads and other impurities from pores, while the Moisturize mode has ultrasonic oscillation combined with an anion flow, helping skin attract and absorb products more deeply.
  • LIFT MODE TO BEAT SIGN OF AGING: Essia's most potent feature is the EMS micro-current generated by the Lift mode which gently stimulates facial muscles, tightens skin, lifts facial contours, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • WIRELESS, EASY TO CHARGE: Essia ultrasonic wand comes with a charging base and AC adapter. To charge Essia, place the wand on the charging base and connect the AC adapter. The red flash indicator shows charging which turns blue upon completed charge.
  • CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: To clean the head of the device, use a dry tissue, soft cloth or towel. If a stain is particularly hard to remove, try using a damp cloth.

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber,with Facial humidifier,Facial Spatula with 4 Modes Blackhead Remover Pore Cleaner Facial Cleaning Scraper Deep Cleansing and Moisturizing Spray


  • [Deep Cleansing] The FACEYOUNG Skin Scrubber uses ultrasonic high-frequency vibration (25KHz) to deeply cleanse facial skin; remove blackheads, dead skin, etc.; thoroughly remove makeup residue and dirt. The FACEYOUNG face spatula provides deep cleansing and helps the skin absorb nutrients quickly and efficiently. The FACEYOUNG skin scrubber will meet your every need for cleaner, clearer, healthier looking skin, enhancing your skincare experience.
  • [4 Modes for Better Results] The FACEYOUNG Skin Scrubber has 4 modes. 1. Moisturizing: Generates light spray to keep skin moisturized. 2. Cleaning: Ultrasonic deep cleanse to help eliminate common skin problems. 3. Nutrition: Enhances the effect of facial care products. 4. EMS Lifting: Activates EMS mode to massage, lift and brighten the skin.
  • [Easy to Use / Portable] The FACEYOUNG Skin Scrubber is very simple to use: Fill the water receptacle with pure water. Press the switch to select the desired mode and gently move the unit across the face. The Skin Scrubber does the rest. Use the included USB charging cable for fast charging using a PC, power bank, phone or other USB charger. The FACEYOUNG skin spatula is lightweight and portable making it convenient to pack and carry when traveling.
  • [What makes it different] The FACEYOUNG Ultrasonic skin scrubber pore cleaner is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin; utilizes low-noise ultrasonic vibration technology which is not only quieter but also gentler on skin; has a spray humidification function to keep skin moisturized during cleaning or daily use as a Spray moisturizer; is made of high-grade stainless steel and high quality enamel to keep your FACEYOUNG product looking good for years.
  • [Why Choose FACEYOUNG?] The FACEYOUNG skin scrubber cleans the skin, improves skin tissue metabolism creating brighter, more elastic skin making it ideal for everyone who loves vibrant, healthy looking skin. The FACEYOUNG skin scrubber comes with a one-year warranty which is automatically extended when you complete the after-sale warranty card. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using included instructions. FACEYOUNG is looking forward to providing you with amazing service.

Skin Gym Ultrasonic Lumiscrub Facial Pro Skin Spatula extractor Derma Picker Blackhead Exfoliator


  • Product Type:Luxury Beauty
  • Item Package Dimension:8.15 " L X1.8 " W X3.75 " H
  • Item Package Weight:8.07 Pounds
  • Country Of Origin: China

Project E Beauty Wireless Ultrasonic Skin Care Scrubber | Exfoliation Spatula Lifting Deep Cleansing Blackhead Dead Skin Wrinkle Remover Pore Cleanser Peeling Anti Aging Skin Rejuvenation Spa Device


  • ALL IN 1 SOLUTION----Multifunctional ultrasonic skin scrubber skin spatula deep cleaning the skin, more hygienic for use, removed blackheads, dead skin, whiteheads, eliminating wrinkles, and oils down in your pores and let your skin felt absolutely softer, smooth!
  • PROMOTE EFFECTIVE ABSORPTION----Nutrition doubles absorption, boosts the optimum absorption and effectiveness of other skin products, activating the skin, perfectly cleanses the pores, whitens the skin and even accelerates the metabolism of skin cells.
  • REFRESH YOUR SKIN----Tapping massage, eliminate wrinkles, promoting facilitate blood circulation, helped exfoliate with under-eye fine lines, let your skin looks so much younger and lifting your skin.
  • EASY TO USE----Easy controls, ergonomic design for comfortable use, portable and rechargeable, 2.96oz lightweight and fancy looking, provide USB charger, handhold and cordless
  • HOW OFTEN----3 minutes a treatment, 3 treatment a week, vibrates with a little sound, gives you a clean and beautiful face.

GOODSKY Skin Scrubber Face Spatula, Ultrasonic Blackhead Remover Gentle Pore Cleanser Exfoliator, Black


  • GENTLE TO THE SKIN: GOODSKY Cleansing application uses ultrasonic wave and nano technology, while the Moisturing application improves micro-circulation, dredges sweat glands, and shrinks pores. The Lifting application helps to solve many other skin problems.
  • POWER-WASH PORES: Use the power of 30,000 vibrations per second to get rid of that dirt and buildup that causes those trick breakouts and makes your skin appear dull. It also extracts clogged pores without any pain.
  • ADJUSTABLE 3 MODES: Cleansing Mode - Deep cleansing opens up the pores to remove dirt and impurities, enhances the shedding of the aged and aberrant cells. Moisturizing Mode - Use essentials or other skin care product along with the device, and the skin scrubber will promote the absorption of such skin care products. Lifting Mode - Massaging on your face with this device helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • RECHARGEABLE AND PORTABLE: It is rechargeable using a USB charging input designed at the bottom of the device, which makes it very easy to charge through PC USB ports, power bank, mobile phone chargers or even in your car without hassle.
  • It is recommended that, for people with oily or non-sensitive skin type, it’s recommended to use the skin scrubber 1 to 2 times a week, and then gradually work your way up. For dry, combination, and sensitive skin, you may use it once a week. Precaution: Do not use the scrubber on your lips or near the eye areas.

Skin Scrubber Face Spatula ANLAN Electric Skin Scraper with Ion, Blackhead Remover, Facial Skin Care Tools


  • [ Upgraded skin scrubber ] ANALN beauty device with 4 functions, including cleaning, ion + export, ion - moisture, and EMS lifting. It is effective, gentle, and painless for facial clean, dead skin remover, nutrient absorption, skin tightening, face lifting, suitable for all skin types.
  • [ Deep Clean of the Skin]-- Up to 24000/s high-frequency vibration and effectively strengthen the cleaning power of the device. The 'Ion +' mode has multiple functions, including removing stubborn blackheads and cleaning pores, exfoliate dull/dead skin, etc. Save your time and make your skin look delicate and smoother.
  • [ Better Absorption for Nutrient ]-- The "Ion-" mode can leading-in nutrition quickly, improve skin absorption capacity to make you look young.
  • [Lifting Skin ] -- Help to reduce wrinkles or fine lines, making your skin more tighten and bright. restore elasticity, which will make your skin firm, smooth and delicate. This facial pore extractor is perfectly designed for women, girls and all the beauty loves.
  • [ USB Rechargeable ]--The spatula is made of 100% stainless steel which is safe to use. The facial spatula equipped with convenient charging sockets that you can charge it through the computer, mobile power, and mobile phone charger easily.

Cosofme Face Spatula Ultrasonic Blackhead Remover with 6 Modes, Blemish & Blackhead Removal Tools,Pimple Popper Tool Ultrasonic Facial Skin Scrubber Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Spatula


  • · 【Deep Cleansing】 This Blackhead Remover Tools deeply clean. It gently and deeply removes blackheads, wihteheads, comedones, dead skin, oil and makeup dirt from your face. It also lifts tightens your skin, helps the skin nutrients promote effective absorption,,shrink pores lock the nourishing skin care products.lifting model, make skin vitality. shiny and elastic.(Note: The head of the skin scrubber should be moved slowly on the face. It must be used on wet skin.)
  • · 【6Modes】 [Cleaning&deep cleaning]: Face Spatula deeply clean facial pores, make skin clean and fresh. [Lifting] : Stimulate the regeneration of collagens, lift and tighten skin, reduce wrinkles ,fine lines. [Ion+] : Crush and atomize dirt & blackheads in the pore, Remove blackheads, dead skin, oil and dirt from face. [Ion-]: help absorb nutrients from skin care products. moisturizing mode: Ultrasonic technology shrink pores, lock the nourishing essence of skin care products and lock moisture
  • · 【Safe and Easy to Use】The spatula high quality stainless steel curved design to fit the face. Key switch novices can operate freely. Just press and hold the power button for 1 seconds to start the machine. Then press the power button to switch the function mode. display screen shows all kinds of operation status, electric quantity and using time. (The scrubber is not waterproof, do not use it when cleaning.) Bottom charging,charge it at any time
  • · [Why Choose Cosofme?] The Cosofme Ems Skin Scrubber dead skin removercleans the skin, improves skin tissue metabolism creating brighter, more elastic skin making it ideal for everyone who loves vibrant, healthy looking skin. 4 function to awaken young skin just use our machine at home and anywhere,even use it when you work with computer, it it convenient for you and your family keep young.
  • · Cosofme ultrasonic skin scrubber use for anyone not only for women, for men, , so its econimic for one family for use it, also its a wonderfull gift for your friend or family . Cosofme skin scrubber is charged using the supplied USB cable using a computer USB port, mobile power brick, mobile phone charger or other USB charging device. Can charge it anywhere.

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