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Scalebeard 26 Foot Tree Trimmer Pole Manual Pruner Cutter Set Extension Cut Tree Branch Garden Tools Loppers Hand Pole Saws(B)


  • 【Durable Material】- Aluminum alloy telescopic pole, Mn steel saw, lightweight and durable.
  • 【26 foot Tree Trimmer Pole】-Quickly and easily cut high branches with a sturdy tree trimming system that can extend up to 26 foot
  • 【Safe and Reliable】-It allows you pruning tall trees, trim overhead without a ladder or at ground level without bending or kneeling. Now pruning your own tree has become more safety and easy than before
  • 【Stability】- This is the latest upgraded saw head. Two screws are used to fix the saw head link, which greatly increases the stability, improves efficiency and provides good safety in your work.
  • 【Wide Application】- Ideal for pruning, trimming leaves at forestry, lawn, garden and other place that needs to trim the branches and leaves.

BHDYHM Extendable Pruning Saw,Use on Pole or by Hand/Long Extension Pole Saw/Telescopic Tree Pruner Pole/Extendable Limb Saw and Trimmer. 24FT/7.2M Working Height Extendable Gardening Tool,7.2M


  • ★ Upgrade material: aluminum alloy telescopic rod, manganese hacksaw, light and durable, waterproof and anti-rust
  • ★ Telescopic type: The total length of the telescopic rod is 7.2, and the telescopic range is 1.95-7.2m. It is very suitable for beautifying the garden and pruning branches and leaves.
  • ★ Sharp: Double-sided 65Mn fine grinding, sharp teeth with four cutting angles to ensure fast, clean and smooth cutting
  • ★ Comfort: The foam grip increases friction, improves trimming efficiency, absorbs shock, and increases comfort at the same time
  • ★ Widely used: very suitable for pruning and pruning in forestry, lawn, garden and other places where pruning branches and leaves are needed

Smarkey Tree Pruner Cut and Hold Pruning Trimmer Telescopic Extendable Pole Saw Fruit Picker Branches Bypass Lopper Harvester Gardening Shear (6-10 Feet Telescoping)


  • Extendable pole saw & tree pruner, lightweight and sturdy oval aluminum alloy pole,2 sections telescoping 6-10 foot, to help safely cut away branches, twigs or leaves that are difficult to reach or high overhead; no need to drag out a ladder; perfect for pruning trees, thorny bushes, hedges, the scissor-action bypass blade trims branches up to 12 mm in diameter, with a detachable saw blade cutting thicker branches.
  • The ergonomic spring-loaded handle will spring back to allow another cut and help reduce hand and wrist fatigue; grip on the pole gives a lot of leverage. The soft, cushioned handle adds extra comfort and helps you reduce the burden of long hours of work.
  • The precision-ground high carbon steel blades and fully heat treated with sharp razor edge, 1/2 inch clean cut capacity with safety trimming convex concave teeth. low friction, anti-rust, non-stick coated gliding blade make every cut clean and smooth。Included 12 inch stainless steel saw blade, ideal for power through thicker branches.
  • Compound action spring system, holds tension stem until release to prevent falling limbs, making your pruning or harvesting chores easier, safely cut trimmer easy to use and durable, is the garden’s best decoration tools
  • Made of sturdy, lightweight aluminum.Free connection, steel buckle fixing, perfect closure, easy to install, easy to remove.

26 Foot Extendable Pole Saw Tree Pruner Trimming Package Set Extension Pole Cut Tree Branch Garden Tools Loppers Hand Pole Saws for Sawing and Shearing


  • ★【MULTI-FUNCTION 】— Many people have saved much money by using this pole saw to trim their own trees rather than hiring a tree service to do it. You can benefit from other uses of this pole saw, too, such extensions for painting your house, washing windows, cleaning the walls, etc.
  • ★【HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL 】— Durable steel pruner head; 8-foot rope with wooden handle; pulley-operated spring-action pruning jaws, which are hardened carbon steel,ideal for shearing smaller branches.
  • ★【SUGGESTION】— A 14-inch detachable saw blade can be mounted on top of the pruner for cutting larger branches.
  • ★【EASY TO INSTALL】 — The attachment hole at the bottom of the pruner head will fit any 25mm diameter screw-in telescopic rod.The included Sellery aluminum telescopic rod, a sturdy set of extensions designed exactly for the purpose, fits perfectly into the pruner head for sawing and pruning up to 26 feet.
  • ★【EASY AND SAFE TO USE】 — You’ll easily prune high and hard to reach branches on even tall trees, and do it without the hazard of climbing a ladder. You also can trim at ground level without bending or kneeling.Pruning your own trees and shrubbery now will be easier and safer than ever before—and much less expensive, too, if you have been using a tree service.

GARTOL Cut & Hold Telescopic Pole Pruner, 3.67-5.45 ft Extendable Long Reach Tree Branch Cutter, Fruit Picker with Rotating Blade Head, and Comfortable Lightweight Aluminium Handle, Cuts up to 2 inch


  • AN INVALUABLE TOOL FOR GARDENING: Designed for light pruning in less accessible areas in your garden. Armed with this telescoping pruner, you can easily get across other plants to remove the fast-growing brambles and to sting nettles without getting scratched. Additionally, by rotating the cutting head (70 degrees?)at an appropriate angle, gardening hobbyists with mobility issues can regain the pleasure of trimming your garden without bending down or reaching up using a ladder
  • EXTENDABLE LENGTH: the ingenious design of an extendable pole (3.67-5.45ft) allows an extra 3-5ft reach, meaning you can prune climbing roses 10ft high or trim of the top of the hedges without steps
  • CUT AND HOLD MECHANISM: The Cut & Hold blade head is ideal for collecting flowers, vegetables, and fruits -- apples, persimmons, loofahs, etc. Meanwhile, you can avoid dropping the cuttings all over the place or into the neighbor’s garden and potentially hurting yourself by firming clamping the cuttings with the bypass lopper head. You can save yourself the trouble of cleaning up by cutting a weed, catching it, and placing it in the bin without touching it
  • COMFORTABLE AND EASY TO USE: Although this long-reach pruner can be used single-handed, supporting the pole with the other hand is more desirable to avoid strain injuries while providing better balance. The black sponge provides the perfect place for resting the other hand; the rubber handle, light aluminum pole, and razor-sharp blade head together make your trimming experience light and easy
  • SAFETY: Safety remains a priority when using cutting tools. When not in use, you can easily lock the pole pruner to avoid accidental damage. NOTE: Don't cut the thick branches over 2inch.

Toolzeen Telescopic Pole Saw - 16.4 ft Extension Pole Tree Pruner Pruning Saw with 3-Sides Razor-Toothed Blade


  • 【Pole Pruning saw blade】 This saw blade has a sharp three-sided sharp edge and double-sided barb design. Wrapped in a soft handle, the grip is comfortable
  • 【Professional design】 The shaver has a sharp three-sided sharpened edge and a double-sided barb design. Wrapped in soft handles for comfortable grip
  • 【Adjustable Length】3-extension 4-polesctions telescoping pole saw.Extension range is 4.9 feet to 14.4feet ; maximum working reach is 16.4 feet
  • 【easy installation】it can be easily installed together in a few steps. The adjustable length pole is connected according to the height you need, and connected to the handsaw, so as to easily cope with the height
  • 【customer first】: Customer satisfaction is our TOP Priority. 1. If you don't like it or it has any issues with the quality or type, you can return it within 30 days, and we provide you the warranty of lifetime to this item. 2. If the part is missing, you can contact us to reissue it for free. Our products are not satisfactory to every customers, but we will do our best to help every customer solve any problem. So please don't hesitate to contact us.

Extendable Anvil Loppers & Forged Pruners,Chop 2 Inch Branches Effortlessly,28"-41" Telescopic Heavy Duty Tree Cutter


  • ★FULLY HARDENED, PRECISION-GROUND STEEL BLADE★The heavy duty lopper blade made of SK-5 steel straight blade coated with Japan Teflon treatment, fully hardened precision-ground blade stays sharp even after some heavy use, low-friction, rust-resistant, non-stick coating helps ratchet shears glide through wood.
  • ★EXTENSIBLE ALUMINIUM HANDLE★ The extendable pruning lopper is designed with a telescopic rod that can be adjusted from 27-40Inch,6 sections telescoping with safety release lock button, ideal for cutting through 2" tree branches effortlessly. which greatly reduces the labor intensity, never feel tired after day of gardening work, even for the elderly gardener or if you have arthritic wrists.
  • ★ERGONOMIC DURAGRIP HANDLES★The rod retractable rod is made from aluminum alloy, which prevents against rust and offers you a comfortable gripping feeling. In addition, this pruner features an anti-slip rubber handle, reducing vibration during use. "
  • ★WIDE APPLICATION★This lopping shear is suitable for fruit tree pruning, potted pruning, landscaping, allowing you to tackle any heavy duty pruning jobs.
  • ★RISK-FREE GUARANTEE★Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. If you are dissatisfied with hand loppers, please drop us a message and we are certain to give you a full refund.

Telescopic Pole Pruner Tree/Shrub Saw & Lopper Long Reach Foot 9ft Extendable - Reach up to 15ft with arms


  • TELESCOPING ACTION: Ideal for cutting high branches without climbing a ladder.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Both cutting blade and 12" saw blade for different gardening applications, from pruning high, tender branches to sawing off woody growth.
  • EXTENDABLE: Durable metal pole extends 9' (to end of saw blade); maximum of 15' with arm fully extended.
  • DURABLE SAW & PRUNER: Steel pruning (1.5 inch diameter) blade and 12 inch saw stay sharp through years of heavy use.
  • VERSATILE: Perfect for everything from shrubs and climbing roses to mature trees. Keeps hands away from thorns, spintery growth and insects.

Zenport ZL625 Telescopic Long Reach Pruner with Pruning Saw, Extends 70 to 119 Inches


  • ZL625 telescopic, long reach pruner, with saw attachment
  • Widely used for cutting succors and other new growth
  • Cuts up to 3/8-inch thick green wood
  • Telescopic pole extends pruner 70-inch to 119-inch
  • Designed for one-handed operation

Mesoga Bypass Lopper with Extendable, Anvil Lopper Heavy Duty, Tree Trimmer Telescopic 26-41 Inch, Garden Pruner 5 Sections Handle Adjustment, Branch Cutter with 2 Inch Cut Capacity


  • Lopper pruner aluminum oval tubular handle, 26 inch to 41 inch extendable, 5 sections telescoping with safety release lock button tree trimmers are ideal for cutting through 2 inch branches, limbs effortlessly
  • SK-5 steel straight blade coated with Teflon treatment, fully hardened precision-ground blade stays sharp even after some heavy use, low-friction, rust-resistant, non-stick coating helps pruning shears glide through wood
  • Comfortable rubberized grips on handles make anvil loppers good grip, fast to remove of dry and woody growth
  • Powerful leverage bypass lopper comes with compound action make trimming professional, wear-resisting, easy to clean and maintain
  • The ergonomically designed of heavy duty clippers of garden tools is easy to use, even for the elderly gardener or if you have arthritic wrists

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