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For example, the best Split Limb Dampener is limbsaver superquad split limb dampener, black, 2-pack .

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Top Ten Rated Split Limb Dampener

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LimbSaver SuperQuad Split Limb Dampener, Black, 2-Pack


  • Reduces noise and vibration by up to 70 percent
  • Fits 95 percent of all standard and wide split limb bows
  • Two orientation options for either wide- or narrow-spaced limbs
  • Made from LimbSaver's proprietary NAVCOM material to dampen vibration and unwanted noise
  • Package includes two SuperQuad dampeners

Sims Vibration Laboratory LimbSaver SuperQuad Split Limb, Green


  • Designed for wide or narrow split limbs
  • Universal application
  • Up to 80 percent noise reduction

LimbSaver 4720 TwistLox Dampener for Split Limb Bows, Black


  • Noticeably dampens noise and vibration when shooting compound bows
  • Easy to install -- simply slide in, twist, and lock up for a snug and secure fit
  • Can be used in two orientations on most standard and wide-spaced split limb bows
  • Made from LimbSaver's proprietary vibration-dampening NAVCOM material
  • Use two or more TwistLox dampeners per limb; package of four TwistLox dampeners

LimbSaver Broadband Dampener for Split Limb Compound Bows, Camouflage, 2-Pack


  • Superior vibration and noise reduction for split limb compound bows
  • Made from LimbSaver's proprietary NAVCOM material to dampen vibration and unwanted noise
  • Helps produce a smoother and quieter shot by greatly reducing vibration caused from your limbs
  • Low-profile, lightweight design that's quick and easy to install; for use in all harsh weather conditions
  • Includes two Broadband dampeners; personalize with choice of 9 interchangeable color rings

Bowjax Magnum Split Limb Dampener .900


  • Package length: 16.764 cm
  • Package width: 8.636 cm
  • Package height: 4.572 cm
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS

MILAEM Archery Bow Limbs Stabilizer Bow Vibration Damper Compound Bow Split Limb Silencer Vibration Damper (Black)


  • Material: High quality rubber, good flexibility, wearable and durable for long time use.
  • Effectively reducing the noise and vibration.
  • Fit for 2.4-3.0 cm of the bow limbs gap of compound bow;
  • Easy to install and remove, perform well;
  • Package: 1 x rubber bow stabilizer

Pine Ridge - Nitro - Split Limb Dampener - Orange - 2 Pack


  • Pine Ridge - Nitro Split Limb Dampener - Orange - 2 Pack
  • * Easy to use dampeners fit right in-between the split limbs with no tools or bow press required. They hold tight and will dampen vibration and noise on both vertical bows as well as many crossbows like the Ravin Crossbow and others.
  • * These vibration dampeners are made of durable material that can be squeezed into tight limb gaps and stay in place. Use one on top and one on bottom, or you can stack them to make custom color set ups. * Each package includes 2 Nitro Split Limb Dampeners. * Max limb gap: 1.20"
  • * Overall width: 2.187" * Overall height: 1.433" * Overall depth: 0.65"
  • * Max limb inside width: 1.20" * Weight (each): 0.6 oz (262.5 grains)

I-Sport 1 Pair Archery Rubber Bow Limbs Vibration DamperSingle Long 2.36'' Wide 2.16'' Dampener Stabilizer Silencers for Split Limb Compound Bows


  • Universal application, up to 70 percent noise reduction, increasing shooting accuracy.
  • Offer some good balance to help you tighten up those shot groups.
  • Single long 60mm/2.36 inch, wide 55mm/2.16 inch Suitable for bows with a 25mm / 0.98 inch pitch and a bow thickness of 5.5mm/ 0.216 inch. Very useful to protect your limbs
  • Usage: to install on Compound Bow Limbs.
  • Fits nearly all standard and wide split limb bows.

Xilang 2 Pcs Compound Bow Stabilizer Split Limb Damping Rubber Archery Bow Limbs Vibration Damper Dampener Crab Shaped Shock-Absorbing Sliencer for Hunting Traing Accessories (Red)


  • MATERIAL´╝ÜUsing premium rubber , good flexibility, wearable and durable for long time use. Good accessory for bow shooting
  • Easy Installation:It is easy to install without any tools required, which takes you few minutes. very practical and useful.
  • Nice Performance: The unqiue crab shape design greatly reduce the noise and vibration for archery shooting, which could improve your aim rate and promises you better performance.
  • Size : Single long 57mm/2.24 inch, wide 60mm/2.36 inch , Suit for bows with a 25mm / 1 inch pitch and a bow thickness of 5.5mm/ 0.216 inch. Package include : Packed of 2pcs
  • After-sales Guarantee:If you have any questions about the product,or you encounter problems with your use,you can contact us directly.We will provide you with a solution in good time.No need worry about after-sale services.

Bowjax Revelations Split Limb Dampener, 15/16-Inch, Red


  • Fits 15/16" width gap for split limbs
  • Fit wide gap PSE Bows, Bear and Mathews
  • Two-piece rubber, no screws

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