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Godox 32"x 32" 80cmx80cm Foldable Universal Softbox with S-Type Speedlite Bracket for Flash Bowens Elinchrom Mount Accessories Direction Adjustable


  • ❤Godox S-type speedlite bracket is superior: all-in-one, smaller size, portable design, no assembly/disassembly, and easy mounting system. Quickly add Bowens-mount lighting accessories to get creative lighting effects
  • ❤No pre-assembly & post-disassembly. Smaller size, lighter weight, & less occupied space
  • ❤Mount size is adjustable to fit all brands of speedlites .Bowens mount adds most studio flash accessories, e.g. softbox, reflector, beauty dish, etc. - Umbrella input hole is available and adjusting lighting direction with handle is supported
  • ❤Unique speedlite mounting way: mounted horizontally or vertically by wrapping speedlite body
  • ❤Installation: Quick and Direct use (No pre-assembly & post-disassembly).Silver reflective internal face and Black back side.Comes with a carrying bag to protect all accessories and easy to carry.

GODOX 32"/ 80cm Umbrella Octagon Portable Softbox Reflector for Studio Photography Speedlite Flash


  • The light Umbrella Octagon diffusion surface is 32"/ 80cm, with wide range of applications, suitable for portrait or product photography.
  • Can be used with flashes and some studio flash lights with umbrella hole.Note:the softbox no bowens mount.
  • High quality flash diffuser, minimize light loss and maximize light spread.
  • With zipper opening, easy to install the soft box with the stand.
  • It is a soft box when being spread and like an umbrella when being folded, easy to use.

Neewer 48 inches/120 Centimeters Octagonal Softbox with Blue Edges, S-Type Bracket Holder (with Bowens Mount) and Carrying Bag for Speedlite Studio Flash Monolight, Portrait and Product Photography


  • KIT INCLUDES: (1)48x48 inches/ 120x120 centimeters Octagonal Softbox with Blue Edges; (1)S-type Flash Speedlite Bracket Mount; (1)Front Cover; (1)Softbox Carrying Bag (Note: Flash and Light Stand are NOT included.)
  • SOFTBOX FEATURES: Octagon Shape; Black outer with blue edges and silver interior; 48 inches/120 centimeters light diffusion surface diameter, giving you better even lighting
  • S-TYPE BRACKET HOLDER: Improved version of L-type and T-type speedlite mounts, no pre-assembly or post-disassembly; Offer horizontal and vertical mounting via firm clamp; Small size and light weight provide great convenience
  • BOWENS MOUNT DESIGN: Standard Bowens mount fits for most studio flash speedlites, softboxes, reflectors, beauty dishes, etc.
  • CONVENIENCE: Comes with a black carrying bag for storage, easy to carry it around

Godox S-type Bracket Bowens Mount Holder for Speedlite Flash Snoot Softbox Beauty Dish Reflector Umbrella


  • The new Godox S-type Speedlite Bracket takes horizontal flash head mounting another step further though, by clamping the flash head, rather than strapping it in place as the Phottix bracket does. As an optimized patented product, Godox S-type speedlite bracket is superior: all-in-one, smaller size, portable design, no assembly/disassembly, and easy mounting system. Quickly add Bowens-mount lighting accessories to get creative lighting effects.
  • Features: No pre-assembly & post-disassembly. Smaller size, lighter weight, & less occupied space

Photography Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit, Universal Rectangle Shape Speedlite Softbox Diffuser, Flash Light Softbox for Most Camera Flash Light Speed Lights


  • 【Excellent quality and durability】 Our Photography Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit is a camera Speedlite Softbox, suitable for most external flash of digital cameras.
  • 【Powerful Function】The inside wall of the box is made of reflective material, so that the amount of light of the flash lamp can be fully utilized and the light is softer.
  • 【Your Best Choice】Assembling design, convenient for using and carrying.
  • 【Easy to Carry】 Light weight, does not affect shooting.Useful and durable photography tool for you.
  • 【Quality Service】:If you have any questions about this product, you can contact us at any time. We have a professional customer service team and will provide you with the best quality service. We will try our best to solve your problem in time, please rest assured to buy

Godox Flash Diffuser Light Softbox Speedlite Flash Accessories Kit S-R1 & AK-R1 with Universal Mount Adpater for Canon, for Nikon, for Sony Speedlight and YONGNUO Speedlite


  • Godox S-R1 with AK-R1 Compatible with Godox V860II/V850II/TT685/TT600 & Godox V1 round head flash
  • Also fit for other brand Camera Flash Speedlite and create light effects as needed
  • AK-R1 accessories kit include high quality barndoors / honeycomb grid reflector / conical snoot / diffuser ball for Godox V1/AD200/AD200PRO H200R.
  • Special magnetic design helps you quickly change parts.
  • Noted: Speedlite Flash is not included

Neewer 30"x30" / 80cmX80cm Octagon Umbrella Speedlite Softbox with Bowens Mount Speedring for Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic Lumix, Neewer Speedring Flash and Other Small Strobe Flashes


  • 3"x3" Softbox equipped
  • An internal & an external diffuser (both removable) for versatility in refining the hard/soft ratio of flash light
  • Softbox is easily assembled using the softbox "skin", four flex rods and a speed ring for the flash head
  • With Standard size Bowens speed mounts, this hiqh quality softbox fits right in any studio
  • The large size of the softbox makes it desirable for fashion photography, portraits and medium to large sized product shots

Neewer 26 inches/65 Centimeters Octagonal Softbox with S-Type Bracket Mount, Carrying Case Compatible with Camera Flash Speedlites TT560 NW561 NW565 NW625 NW635 NW670 750II, etc


  • APPLICATION: Provides classic soft but crisp light; Sound for portrait and event photography; Ideal for shooting portraits or events such as weddings, proms or corporate events on location, etc.
  • HIGH REFLECTIVE: Made of collapsible nylon cover and lightweight Durable plastics handle grip and proved to be high reflective; With silver particle inner baffle and 2 white diffuser,help your photography by softening the flash light and casting even lighting
  • QUICK OPENING AND FOLDING: Special design makes it quite easy to open or fold up, can be assembled or disassembled in a minute
  • CONVENIENCE: Light weight, foldable, and comes with a carrying case, convenient for storage or transportation

Godox 24" x 24" Universal Collapsible Softbox with S-Type Bowens Mount Bracket Holder for Speedlite Flash Studio Photograhpic (60cm x 60cm)


  • All-in-one, smaller size, collapsible, portable design, and easily mounting
  • No pre-assembly & post-disassembly. Smaller size, lighter weight, & less occupied space
  • Unique speedlite mounting ways: horizontally or vertically direction-adjustable handle
  • Bowens mount adds most studio flash accessories, such as: softbox, reflector, beauty dishes, snoots, etc.
  • Umbrella input holes is available and adjustable lighting direction with handle to get creative light effects

Godox 60cm x 60cm Foldable Universal Softbox with Honeycomb Grid + S2 Speedlite Bracket for Godox V1 Series, AD200Pro, AD200, AD400Pro, V860II Series, TT350 Series Flash Speedlite (SGGV6060cm)


  • Universal Softbox: Made of special refelctive material with silver inside. Two-layer diffuser design with excellent reflectivity (inner + outer soft fabric) distributes the light evenly and improves the shooting effect
  • Superior S2 Speedlight Bracket: Compatible with all Bowens mount accessories (softbox, standard reflector, snout, beauty dish reflector, umbrella, etc.) and meets light in various directions.
  • Easy Installation: no pre-assembly and disassembly required. Compact and lightweight, occupying less space. Quickly add Bowens Mount lighting accessories for creative lighting effects
  • Package Included: 1 x Godox Softbox(60CMx60CM), 1 x Godox S2 Speedlite Bracket, 1 x Soft Grid(60CMx60CM) 1 x Diffuser,1 x Color Filter,1 x Carry Bag, 1 x CEARI Clean Cloth
  • Compatible with most studio lights: Round head speed light like Godox V1-C, V1-S, V1-N, V1-O, V1-F, AD200Pro, AD200, AD400Pro, V860IIS, V860IIN, V860IIF, V86011C, and TT350F Compatible with TT350S camera flash

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