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Generally we go as far as reviewing more than 50+ products available on different places such as Amazon, Ebay, Best Buy or alike, filter them by reviews(we make sure any review about Shopkins Playset is real), the proceed to finding the top 10 best products among them.
For example, the best Shopkins Playset is shopkins cupcake queen café .

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Top Ten Rated Shopkins Playset

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Shopkins Cupcake Queen Café


  • There's lots more in store!Get your shopping shoes on. This season's new arrivals have hit the shelves! If you want some new tastes to try, then this is the season made for you! There are heaps of foods from afar! So why wait? We're open till late!
  • Download the Shopkins App to unlock additional Shopkins fun!
  • There's so much in store to adore when you plan a day with Shopkins!

Shopkins Sweet Spot Playset


  • Load your gumballs into the gumball machine, turn the dial and let them roll
  • Display your favorite Shopkinson a lollipop tree. Take your Shopkins for a ride in the candy cart
  • So much sweet fun and heaps of ways to display. This is one dandy candy play set!

Shopkins Lil' Secrets Secret Small Mall Multi Level Playset with Grocery Store, Fashion Boutique & Ice Cream Truck


  • Use your key to unlock the secret small Mall! Playset includes a 3 level Supermarket, a 2 level fashion Boutique and a cool scoops ice cream truck!
  • The grocery store has 3 levels to unlock, an elevator to the 2nd floor food court and a frozen aisle on the top floor where your Teeny Shoppie ride shopping cart.
  • Try out the new trends at the Fashion Boutique, and walk the runway.
  • Take your Teeny Shoppies for a sweet ride around Shopville in the cool scoops ice cream truck.
  • The secret small Mall comes with 2 Exclusive Teeny Shoppies - rainbow Kate and glossie!

Shopkins Happy Places Welcome Pack - Squirrel Palace Party


  • Discover your new royal style adventure with the Squirrel Palace party Petkin furniture pack
  • It comes with pretty progressive who goes from daytime dress to glitter Princess with her easy pop skirt!
  • Party The night away at the shiny DJ booth, which is covered in presents!
  • There are 4 Petkin furniture packs to decorate your royal trends Palace!

Shopkins Happy Places Mermaid Reef Retreat Playset with 'Lil Shoppie Mermaid & Surprise Petkin


  • Invite your Lil' Mermaid friends to your mermaid Reef retreat!
  • Discover 2 levels of fun to share and decorate!
  • Slip and slide your Lil' Mermaids into the Jacuzzi for a relaxing spa bath!
  • Find the surprise Petkin accessory inside and decorate your reef retreat!
  • Lil' Mermaids have color change tails! Dip them in water and see them magically change!

Shopkins Bakery Playset


  • Connect with the Easy Squeezy Fruit & Veg Stand to build up your Shopkins world
  • Comes with 2 exclusive characters!
  • Heaps of places to display and play with your Shopkins!

Shopkins Shoe Dazzle Mid Price Playset


  • SHOE DAZZLE –Little ones can show off their favorite pair of play shoes by displaying them on the high heel shoe stand or have her dolls check out their style in the mirror.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT – This Shopkins Fashion Spree Shoe Dazzle will make a thoughtful gift for your little one. Save on time, money, and headache while doubling the fun for your fabulous girl.
  • CREATIVE ROLE PLAY – This Shopkins toy can help encourage children to use their imagination by engaging in pretend play. They can set up their own store or act as if it is their own fancy closet.
  • DOWNLOAD THE SHOPKINS APP – Now you can have even more fun with the new Shopkins app.
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS - Shopkins Fashion Spree Shoe Dazzle playset comes with 2 exclusive Shopkins and 2 jelly bags.

Shopkins Style Me Wardrobe Fashion Playset


  • Shopkins Style Me Wardrobe
  • Complete with 2 exclusive characters, a wardrobe for your Shopkins characters and heaps of places to display and play
  • Because once you shop you can't stop!

Cutie Cars Shopkins Drive Thru Diner Playset


  • Includes 1 Mini Shopkin and 1 exclusive Cutie Car!
  • Go for a spin in the rotating Drive-Thru! Ride up the elevator or grab a meal on the go or pull up a tray at the parking bay!

Happy Places Shopkins Pampered Pony Welcome Pack


  • Add the finishing touches to any Happy Place with the Welcome Pack.
  • Includes 2 wall tiles to click 'n' collect and extend your Happy Place!
  • Includes an all new pony to play with in your Pampered Pony Happy Place
  • Includes a Catalog with special features and designer tips!
  • Suitable for ages 5 and up.

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