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e.l.f, Dual-Pencil Sharpener, Convenient, Essential Tool, Sharpens, Easy To Clean, Travel-Friendly, Compact


  • Sharpens pencils of any size to maintain professional and precise application.
  • Two hole sizes fit a range of pencils.
  • The cover captures shavings and allows for easy cleaning.
  • Includes a bonus small sharpener perfect for travel.
  • Cruelty-free, vegan and 100% free from Phthalates, Parabens, Nonylphenol, Ethoxylates, Triclosan, Triclocarban, and Hydroquinone.

REVLON Universal Points Sharpener for All Wooden & Plastic Pencil Sizes, Dual Pencil Sharpener for Lip Liner, Eyebrow, and Eyeliner Pencils


  • QUICK AND EASY SHARPENER: Get sharp and precise tips with the must-have beauty tool that sharpens almost all types of cosmetic pencils
  • SHARPENS WOODEN AND PLASTIC PENCILS: Sharpen both wooden and plastic cosmetic pencils, from eyeliner to lip liner and eyebrow pencils
  • WORKS ON 3 PENCIL SIZES: This pencil sharpener works on 3 different pencil sizes, small, medium and large. Just pull out the special adaptor ring to sharpen larger sizes
  • DURABLE SHARPENING TOOL: A reliable, essential makeup pencil sharpener that won’t break pencils during sharpening. Perfect for every makeup kit
  • MESS FREE & EASY TO CLEAN: It’s so easy to clean and empty. Lift the top to empty the shavings, and then use the safety pick in the design to clean the blades. The cap will stay on in your bag so you don’t have to worry about spilled shavings

Maybelline New York Expert Tools, Dual Sharpener


  • Maybelline
  • Maybelline
  • Maybelline

Julep Cosmetic Makeup Pencil Sharpener Travel Friendly Easy Cleaning Beauty Sharpener For Eyeliner Lipliner Pencils


  • MEET THE LAST COSMETIC MAKEUP SHARPENER YOU'LL BUY: Use this as an eye pencil sharpener or a lip pencil sharpener, even with your favorite gel formulas. It’s designed to give you a smooth, sharp point every time without making a mess, collecting shavings for easy disposal.
  • SMOOTH PERFECT POINT EVERYTIME WITHOUT BREAKGE: Not all makeup sharpeners are created equal—just ask your graveyard of broken and dull pencils. Julep’s sharpener blades are made with high-quality carbon steel, known for being sharp and long-lasting. You’ll get a smooth, perfect point every time, even from your gel pencils.
  • MESS-FREE TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Tired of your makeup sharpeners chewing up your eyeliners and lip pencils? With carbon steel blades and built-in shavings collector, this eye and lip pencil sharpener gets to the point without making a mess or breaking your liners.
  • HOW TO USE: Insert your pencil and twist to sharpen. The shavings will stay put in the shavings collector—just open and shake out, and use the included pick to clean the blades as needed. The Torpedo works as a lip pencil sharpener and eyeliner sharpener, including gel formulas.
  • PAIRS PERFECTLY WITH OUR WATERPROOF GEL EYELINER: Sharpen your When Pencil Met Gel All-Day Waterproof Eyeliner without fear. This sharpener will give it a perfect, smooth point—glide it on without tugging, and you’ll have 10+ hours of vibrant color.



Part NumberCharlotte Tilbury 2016
Is Adult Product
Size1 Count (Pack of 1)

Dragun Beauty Lip Pencil Sharpener, 2 in 1 Dual Pencil Sharpener with Cover for Thick and Thin Lip Pencils and Eyeliner Pencils for Precise & Flawless Makeup Application


  • LIP PENCIL SHARPENER: Makeup pencil sharpener with single steel blade to keep your lip liners on point. This lip liner pencil sharpener shaves both regular and XXXtra large sized pencils.
  • TWO-IN-ONE: This 2 in 1 makeup pencil sharpener fits regular and XXXtra large sized lip pencils and eyeliners. Made with a steel blade that won't cause divots, chipping, or splintering, this sharpener is the essential tool to sharpen your small and large cosmetic pencils.
  • COVER FOR SHAVINGS: Our makeup lip pencil sharpener has a plastic, removable cover for easy pencil shaving disposal. Stay snatched on-the-go with this perfect pocket size pencil sharpener designed for makeup pencils, small and large.
  • FOR LIP LINER, EYE + BROW PENCILS: Multi-use sharpener can be used for a variety of eye, lip and face pencils. Use to sharpen Dragun Beauty Lip Job Liners for fuller lips needle free.
  • FOUNDED BY NIKITA DRAGUN: Dragun Beauty is inspired by founder Nikita Dragun, a trailblazing Transgender woman who believes no one should have to hide who they are. We create transformational makeup that celebrates people of all ages, races, sizes, genders, and identities as they unleash their fantasies and showcase their beauty.

Physicians Formula Rosé All Day Dual-Pencil Sharpener for Any Sized Eyeliner and Lip Liner


  • A universal 3-in-1 pencil sharpener perfectly suited for a multitude of pencil sizes and types to give a precise point
  • Featuring a tight-fitting removable lid to eliminate mess and shavings in your makeup bag.
  • Includes an adapter ring that can be fitted to work with most pencil sizes.
  • Removable plastic pick helps to dislodge the toughest pieces of shavings.

K7L Cosmetics - Eyeliner Sharpener & Lip Liner Sharpener - Small & Jumbo Makeup Pencil Sharpeners


  • MAXIMUM PRECISION EVERY TIME: Count on sharp, precise lines with these eyeliner pencil sharpeners, designed to create the perfect point to eyeliner pencils, brow pencils, lip liners, and lip crayons. Expect a clean, finished look with each stroke after using this makeup sharpener on your K7L Cosmetics products.
  • FLAWLESS PERFECTION MADE EASY: Easily create a smudge-free outline of your lips with our lip crayon sharpener! Designed to effortlessly sharpen lip liner pencils and lip crayons, you’ll love the precise outline of your lips after using this sharpener to create the perfect tip for your lip makeup products.
  • SHARPEN MULTIPLE SIZES IN 1 SMALL TOOL: Get a perfect point every time with our makeup sharpener that features 2 different sized sharpeners! Choose the small sharpener for eyeliner, brow, and lip liner pencils when you need a thin, precise line. Use the large size to sharpen both medium and jumbo lip crayons and other makeup pencils to give you the rich, deep color you love.
  • A PERFECT POINT IN SECONDS: For a dagger-sharp cateye, use our eye pencil sharpener for beautiful, clean lines. When you need a flawless edge, use our makeup pencil sharpener on any lip liner or eyebrow pencil. The large sharpener is the perfect solution for jumbo lip crayons, creating a defined look nothing short of stunning.
  • SMALL YET MIGHTY SHARPENING POWER: Take this travel sized eyebrow pencil sharpener wherever you go to ensure perfectly outlined lips, brows, and eyes throughout the day. Each makeup sharpener features a safety pick to make removing shavings simple and easy - never worry about your sharpener jamming again! Compact enough to toss in your makeup bag or purse, there’s no longer an excuse for messy lines.

Palladio Double Barrel 3 in 1 Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener with Cover, Stainless Steel Blade, Size Adjuster, Essential for Small and Extra Large Lip Liner, Eyeliner, Brow Pencils


  • STAINLESS STEEL: Made in Germany with high quality stainless steel. Strong sharpener blade that supports detailed precision for fine line looks
  • MULTI-USE: This sharpener works with lip liner pencils, eyeliner pencils, and brow pencils. It has two openings for multiple size pencils.
  • HOW TO USE: Insert the pencil through the correct size sharpener and turn until desired sharpened finish. Clean out the loose shavings by removing the cover. Using the small pick included, remove hard to reach savings
  • COVER: Comes with a protective cover to avoid mess and a plastic pick stick to help keep it clean
  • CLEAN BEAUTY: We believe that what you put on your body is as important as what you put in it Our products are saturated with antioxidant vitamins like A, C, D and E; and powerful botanicals to help nourish your skin We are 100% Paraben and Cruelty-free

REVLON Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller, Reusable Facial Skincare Tool for At-Home or On-the-Go Mini Massage


  • LIKE BLOTTING PAPERS, BUT BETTER: This face roller is made of real volcanic stone, which soaks up excess oil instantly. It’s our secret for fresh, shine-free skin any time. Use it on a clean or finished face—it won’t mess up your makeup
  • MASSAGES AND MATTIFIES FACE: Rolling the stone roller across your skin feels heavenly, like a mini facial massage. Ditch your jade roller and use our 2-in-1 Mattifying face roller for oily and acne prone skin
  • EASY TO USE: Gently roll the face roller ball over your T-zone or anywhere skin is shiny. That’s it
  • LESS WASTE THAN BLOTTING PAPER: Unlike blotting papers for oily skin that are used once and thrown out, this oil-absorbing roller is reusable. To clean, twist the roller’s ring to unlock, and pull out the stone. Wash with a gentle cleanser, rinse, and air-dry before locking it back in
  • LIVE BOLDLY WITH REVLON MAKEUP: Revlon has the quality beauty tools and high-pigment, the bold color makeup you need to be yourself. Our tools for the face, eyes, and nails are everyday essentials elevated through function, form, or and material (but still amazingly affordable)

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