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We did a deep research on trying to find the best Bulb Removal Tool available for purchase online. Our deep analysis makes sure we validate every review online for Bulb Removal Tool so you end up with the perfect product without doing extensive research.
So after a large analysis and purchasing most of the items we can rate the top Bulb Removal Tool as following:

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Unger 977001 Universal Lightbulb Changer Kit with 11' Telescopic Pole and 5 Attachments


  • Works with all standard one-inch threaded bulbs
  • Easy to change attachments snap securely onto the handle
  • Non-scratching parts won't harm fixtures or bulbs
  • Quickly and easily and flood lights, incandescent lights, regular lightbulbs, and even broken bulbs
  • Includes 11' telescopic pole, five nesting attachments, and an instruction manual

CTA Tools 1012 Mini Bulb Remover/Installer


  • Gently And firmly grips glass shell of bulb
  • For all types of bulbs, including bayonet, screw And wedge base, plus heated bulbs
  • Scissor design for easy handling
  • Gripping area has rubbery coating for safe And secure handling
  • Cup-type ends create circular gripping area

Ettore 48350 Bulb Changer Kit Without Pole


  • 4-piece Bulb Changer kit that changes almost any broken bulb; flood, incandescent, FCL
  • Can access recessed and track lighting; also includes broken bulb changer
  • Recommended Pole for kit (Ettore 43011), Pole NOT included
  • Standard threaded end allows product to attach to a REA-C-H extension pole

Designers Edge E3001 Light Changing Kit Foot Metal Telescopic Pole, Baskets, Suction Cup and Broken Bulb Changers, Versatile Use, 5 Accessories Included, 11 Feet Tall, 1 Count (Pack of 1), Yellow


  • LIGHT BULB CHANGER KIT: Comes with an 11-foot telescoping metal pole, baskets, suction cups and small and large broken bulb changers
  • VERSATILE USE: Changes PAR flood, recessed or track indoor flood, most CFL and standard incandescent light bulbs
  • 5 ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Large basket for changing PAR R30, R40 flood bulbs, some CFLs, small basket for changing standard incandescent bulbs, suction cup, small broken bulb changer and a large broken bulb changer
  • SAFELY extract hard to reach bulbs by using the small or large broken bulb accessory
  • TALL pole telescopes to 11 feet tall making it easy to change standard incandescent, recessed, flood and track light bulbs

Mr. Longarm 3030 Smart Bulb Changer Kit


  • Can be used for incandescent, floodlight and spotlight bulbs
  • For use with Mr. Long Arm non-conductive composite extension poles
  • Patented quick release design
  • Easily breaks suction on bulbs
  • Made in the USA

Bayco LBC-800 Broken Bulb Changer,Yellow


  • Material Type: Plastic
  • Makes Changing Bulbs Easy as 1-2-3
  • For Changing Broken Incandescent and Candelabra Bulbs
  • For Changing Broken Incandescent and Candelabra Bulbs

STAUBER Best Bulb Changer Package (Gripper+Large Suction, Without Pole)


  • Patent Pending Adjustable Gripper Mechanism is the first of its kind! Its versatility and ease of use for a wide range of light bulb sizes and shapes is unparalleled!
  • Extra Grippy Rubber Tips are smooth and narrow to provide a secure hold without any protrusions to catch on light sockets! Specifically designed for heavier LED bulbs!
  • Bulb Leveling Stoppers beneath the rubber help keep the central axis of the bulb aligned for smooth rotation into the socket!
  • Secure Snapping Mechanism with Numbered Sizes keeps the grippers firmly in position, while allowing for quick relocation in an instant!
  • Powerful Steel Wing Screw and Embedded Nut keeps threads secure! Never worry about threads stripping or loosening with a STAUBER bulb changer!

Alden 9207P Ease-out Standard Light Bulb Extractor Kit


  • Fast, safe, easy removal of broken light bulbs
  • Avoids electric shock, cut fingers and mangled light fixtures
  • Removal method eliminates further damage to the filament
  • Saves time, frustration and risk

JianLing 4PCS Suction Cup for Light Bulb Removal, Light Bulb Changer, Strong Grip Rubber Air Suction Cup, Lamp Changer Head Suction Cup Light Bulb Replacing


  • The bulb changer is made of rubber, with strong suction, skid resistance and durability. It is suitable for you to use for a long time and can be reused.
  • Designed for small LED or halogen MR16 (2-pin) and GU10 (twist lock) bulbs that are difficult to remove from the socket.
  • Our bulb changer can grasp the MR16 or GU10 bulb well so that it can be removed and inserted or replaced with a new bulb. It is easy to install and will not hurt hands.
  • It is easy to use. Just twitch and twist the bulb. It saves time and has high efficiency. It is very suitable for inserting the bulb. It is a necessary practical tool in your home.
  • You will receive a bulb changer in our package, sufficient for the number of old bulbs you use or replace on a daily basis, and you can also prepare them as a spare.

Mr. Long Arm 3001 Smart Heavy Duty Non-Conductive Changer Kit, Par Bulb, Incandescent, Flood Light, 1 Count (Pack of 1)


  • Holds bulbs for easy changing
  • Quick release design easily breaks suction on bulbs
  • Use with extension pole for extended reach
  • Its quick-release design easily breaks suction on bulbs.

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